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Chairman Message

India is staring at phenomenal opportunities. The last 5 years has really seen the exponential rise in the growth of entrepreneurship in India. This can be seen by the rising aspirations among the youth of the country to venture into risky territories of startups. Students in colleges and schools are getting their hands dirty in experimentation and exploring at a very young age how they can capitalize on this wave. While it is heartening to see this change, it is important to note that the right infrastructure and support systems must be in place in order to channelize this entrepreneurial energy in the right direction. Otherwise it will go down in the graveyard of lost opportunities. We at SIDDHARTH TBI are working towards channelizing this positive entrepreneurial energy in the right direction with the right guidance and support systems.

Siddharth TBI has nurtured a culture of entrepreneurship in different domains and technology areas. Examples include DND Global Technologies which is working in the field of Cloud based Recruitment Services and Hi Core that is reshaping the future of Education Technology.

These are great success stories to have emerged from Siddharth TBI. While these stories are what keeps us going, we are also cognizant of the fact that we have to enhance our scope and scale of support so that we can become the aspirational institution for all entrepreneurs.

“One of the best things about Siddharth TBI is the validation we received from the mentors. Thanks to that we are able to fearlessly approach our customers” – Incubatee startup


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